Education (教育) 是華仁英語粵劇歌曲之一,調寄禪院鐘聲,英文詞為黃展華所作。


Education is the word,
We have to define with greatest care!
It's not just books,
It does not mean just teachers or just big schools,
Teachers must be very good,
So must be the schools.
Teachers must be patient with the students,
Do not use force,
Never frighten them,
A few kind words now and then,
Make them understand,
Take them as your friends,
That is the true meaning of mordern education.

You must tell them they must try,
It's of no use if they cry.
If you're kind, you can find
They listen to you,
They will work hard by themselves,
They will get along just fine,
Have good manners bear in mind,
They must not smoke,
All are good folks,
These are far more important than books!


  • 2007年英語粵劇精華,由港華3K班合唱
  • 2009年鴉雀如何作鳳凰,由港華中一學生合唱
  • 2010年華仁Encore,由陳祖澤獨唱,九華粵樂組伴奏



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